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Canary Wharf is a major financial centre at the east of London. The area includes some of the tallest and most modern buildings in England as well as a major shopping mall. Canary wharf is built on the West India docks on the Isle of Dogs. The area hosted one of the busiest UK docks until the 1980th. It has since been converted into a modern business and residential area by real estate developers.

Canary Wharf is very safe and practical area to live in, especially for people working in the area, in the city or anywhere East. Transport links are good to the city centre is you live close the Canary Wharf or Canada Water stations on the Jubilee line. You will find an underground shopping mall with all the convenience stores needed for daily life. During the week, the area gets busy with businessmen and women commuting to work. However, during the week end, it gets fairly quiet and there is not residential or community feel to it (for instance, there is no independent stores or restaurant). That being said, you will get more for you money in Canary Wharf and might therefore find quiet, modern and spacious accommodation at an affordable price.

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Average and median rent distributions in Canary Wharf (last 6 months)

Average rental prices in Canary Wharf over the last 12 months

Median rental prices in Canary Wharf over the last 12 months

Property price distribution in Canary Wharf

The table below shows price distribution by property types in Canary Wharf.

p.c.w. £200 or less £200 to £400 £400 to £650 £650 to £1,100 £1,100 to £1,600 £1,600 to £2,300 £2,300 to £3,500 £3,500 or more
Studios 0% 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
One beds 0% 52% 48% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Two beds 0% 14% 64% 22% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Three beds 0% 0% 67% 20% 13% 0% 0% 0%

Property types distribution in Canary Wharf

Property minima and maxima (p.c.w.) in Canary Wharf

This graphs shows the least and most expensive rental prices per property type in Canary Wharf.

Top lettings agents property rental prices in Canary Wharf

Based on the last 6 months. Prices per week.

Lettings Agent Studios 1 beds 2 beds 3 beds 4 beds 5 beds
none £355 £480 £519 none none
none £408 £580 none none none
£359 £406 £494 £724 none none
none £475 £483 £645 none none
none £365 £614 none none none
£370 £460 £632 £818 none none

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Statistics based on 867 properties in Canary Wharf. Last updated on Apr 23, 2019.