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Chelsea is "The" exclusive area of London, divided by the King's Street, originally a private road for Charles II. Chelsea is the perfect place to stay in town if ou can afford it.

The area certainly lives up to its reputation, bosting attractive properties, elegant shops and aplenty green spaces. Many high-end designer shops and private galleries are concentrated around the Sloane Square, King's Road and the luxurious Sloane Street.

A nice market opens early on Saturday mornings near the Duke of York Square. Most will also appreciate the auieter streets nearby such as Bridge Street or Beauchamp Place. They bring together the charming personality and essence of modern design, traditional English style more than anywhere else in the capital.

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Average and median rent distributions in Chelsea (last 6 months)

Average rental prices in Chelsea over the last 12 months

Median rental prices in Chelsea over the last 12 months

Property price distribution in Chelsea

The table below shows price distribution by property types in Chelsea.

p.c.w. £200 or less £200 to £400 £400 to £650 £650 to £1,100 £1,100 to £1,600 £1,600 to £2,300 £2,300 to £3,500 £3,500 or more

Property types distribution in Chelsea

Property minima and maxima (p.c.w.) in Chelsea

This graphs shows the least and most expensive rental prices per property type in Chelsea.

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