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Gunnersbury is an area at the edge of Chiswick, very close to Chiswick Park. The area used to feel a little outdated and old fashioned with its pre-war semi-detached houses, detached houses, small 2 or 3 storeys ex-council buildings split into flats. However, you will find lovely housing within 5 minutes walk from the station and the area around the station has recently been renovated and you will find several modern buildings and a few currently being builr. The British Standards Institution, an 18 storey building on Chiswick High road, is seen from far away and represents the heart of Gunnersbury (the Gunnersbury rail station is at the footstep of the building). 

Leaving in Gunnersbury, you will feel miles away from Central London, while benefiting from fairly good transportation links.  You can reach Earls court within 15 minutes on the district line and Waterloo in 35 minutes through the train (unfortunately, the train stops at many station between Richmond and Waterloo). Gunnersbury is also within 10 minutes walk of Chiswick . In fact, it's high street is an extension of Chiswick High street, even if t does not have the same vibrant feel

Rents in Gunnersbury are very affordable and it is a good option if you are looking for both outdoor and indoor space at a reasonable price.



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