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Hampstead is located in North London. The area is built on a small hill so you can see the city and gathers a cosmopolitan crowd. It is known for its intellectual, artistic and literary intensity but also its beautiful green areas. On weekends, the antique shops are moving into the neighborhood streets while families enjoy sunday walks in Hampstead Heath. It is also only 20 minutes walk from Camden Town market and 15 minutes from Swiss Cottage.

Historically, Hamptead was an old village and was absorbed by the growth of the British capital. It kept its village feel – which partly justify the high accommodation prices ! Many artists and writers have lived there and Hampstead is home to many culture attractions away from the tourists tracks (Freud Museum, Keats House, Kenwood House, Fenton House, The Isokon building, Burgh House and the Camden Arts Centre). Nowadays, the prohibitive accommodation prices makes it one of the places in the UK where there are the highest number of millionaires per square meter !

Transportation wise, Hampstead is with each reach of Central London through either the Jubilee or Northern Line and the are several buses to commute within and outside the area.

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Average and median rent distributions in Hampstead (last 6 months)

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Median rental prices in Hampstead over the last 12 months

Property price distribution in Hampstead

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Property types distribution in Hampstead

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