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Putney is a quiet and leafy area in the South West of London. It is located in zone 2 but is, however, fairly remote from London. It is reachable through the district line (which is often down and delayed) and the overland service to Waterloo (within 15 minutes). Living in Putney you will feel miles away from Central London. It is a great location from people searching for quiet and balanced way of life while working in the city centre.

Life in Putney is centered around the high street and river side, where you will find a good range of restaurants and bar. The area is filled with a cosmopolitan crowd of young people looking for cheaper rent close to London and couples and family looking for a leafy and peaceful place. Rent close to the tube stations and train station is fairly affordable. Students will also find cheaper accommodation if willing to live a short bus ride from the main transportation links.

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